Our history and all the headquarters of chess

We were thirteen years old, Scacchi was born here, in the square in front of the church of St. Maurice.


The very first location was the corner bar run by Nedo and his sister, just in front of the barber shop of Arturo, head of Picche.

The parish priest of the church then allowed us the use of the small oratory of Via Riva which is currently the seat of the Asso di Picche and which was transformed into a games room with table football, table tennis, bar, rehearsal room for the Yenkees complex and orange storage during the carnival.


At the age of eighteen we moved to a more suitable venue for our age, the famous “Bar Italia”, with billiard room, extra large sandwiches and outdoor tables to admire the passage of schools…

For reasons of greater strength, the closure of Bar Italia, we moved from Silvio, in the bar at the beginning of Via Riva, continuing to frequent the area.

But our dream was the legendary “Bar Torino”. Parking for cars, two billiards and table football, brioches with yummy ice cream, outdoor tables for the passage to the schools, carnival parade starting from the roundabout and night training area of shooting oranges in Piazza Lamarmora.


In the 80s and 90s luck helps us; we learn that under the Piedmont Bar there is a fabulous cellar to clean and use as our headquarters.

The managers of the bar are Peloso and his wife; the best years of our team begin, we manage to involve the whole Carnival with themed evenings and big drinks. In 1988 we win our first Carnival!

90-2000….finally at our home, in the old town, in the oldest street of Ivrea, under the tower that we carry on the back of our uniforms.

Finally a house where to display our trophies, where we can make a spaghetti, where you can go to sign up walking through the ancient center of Ivrea.