Golden Towers

The Golden Tower is the highest honor awarded by the Chess team to its members. The orange throwers that are awarded constitute the Council of the Towers of Gold, and are part of the permanent directors.

The Tower of Gold is given by the Council of the Golden Towers for exceptional merit and not seniority: the recognition of a behavior and an exceptional commitment that have led to significant results for the whole team, in terms of organization, management, promotion of the image.

However, it can be given to:

- Who has not already received the Silver Tower
- Who has not been entered in the eventual application for the award.

Can be assigned to one or more shooters each time and is not required to assign the Tower each year.

The Council of the Towers of Gold

The Council of the Towers of Gold in addition to deciding the allocation of the Gold Tower is called to approve the decisions of the Directors who tend to question traditional values such as team participation in special events during the Carnival (Palio , television events, etc..), the change of shape and / or colors of the uniforms, etc.




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