Silver Tower

Sunday of Carnival.

The great moment has arrived! It's almost 14 hours and it's time to go: away from the place of four martyrs out the flag that leads the procession as it moves towards the Chess Ottinetti square for the first day of battle.
In a sea square chess already fills our part of the "battlefield", the painting on the cubes can not be seen as already covered by many amphibians waiting time to become operational.
But today is not only the first day of that event that many are waiting with trepidation: the Sunday of Carnival Chess allocate the premium for their shooters Older: The Tower of silver. This is the prize that the team provides people who show their devotion to our beautiful colors by engaging with us for eight years, not consecutive.

During the Sunday of the eighth year of shooting people who have earned this award are square chime in, in the presence of the team and the public met to watch the battle, and they are delivered virtually the coveted Torre d 'Silver, to the applause of his companions, and for years now, with the sound of trumpets and drums Cuorgnè, soundtrack to Chess.

The delivery of "physics" of that happens then at the closing dinner of the carnival because not everyone has someone in the audience that secures the precious prize! And then meet again at the dinner to get to know, review friends, having fun together is really nice.
The Silver Tower is a plate, with a tower to be used in removable brooch, with a dedication that recalls the reason is given. In order to have them you must register for the orange throwing for eight years, not consecutive. Are added every year to shoot from 14 years of age, when we consider that a shooter begins to have the strength to do its best in this difficult but beautiful "operation".

Chess bind us to their "old", an expert marksman certainly raises the level of the casting of the whole team and it's so nice to see young kids that bind to those same young people who now are a little less but they did Chess the largest team, friendly and choreographers from around the carnival..


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