The origins of Chess

1964 was officially the year of foundation, although already in the previous year a group of friends, schoolmates gathered to live together the three days of the Carnival of Ivrea and as the only sign of recognition, in addition to the common work suit, they chose a shield drawn in the center.

The square and the uniform

The first shooting zone chosen was Via Arduino, a completely uphill stretch of road, where there were more wagons to push than those to pull. In 1964, the first real Chess team was formed, the shields were put aside and in their place a sparkling shirt that of Scacchi had very little, given the very small size of the black and white squares. The choice of colors and name was mainly dictated by the sympathies that its members had for a famous football formation, with the same social colors (black and white) and, main motif, that 16 were the shooters, as the pawns of a part of the Board. Among them were elected the king, the queen, the fanties, the horses, the towers, the pedestrians, each with a specific organizational assignment.

The symbol on the uniform is instead entirely linked to the city of Ivrea, to its Castle, which with the red towers, dominates from above the ancient and modern Eporedia. The first meeting place was granted by the parish priest Don Anacleto in Riva Street, under the Church of the Friars.

An ever-changing team

By 1965, access to the team was free to all. The point that brought all the team members together in addition to inexperience and enthusiasm, was the fact that none of the members had ever pulled into any other team. The battlefield remained via Arduino, and on Tuesday the Chess tried to enter the City Square to pull the last lap of the jets.