The Golden Tower is the highest award given by the Chess team to its members. The orangery that are awarded constitutes the Council of the Golden Towers, and are a permanent part of the Board.

The Golden Tower is awarded by the Council of the Golden Towers for exceptional merits and not for seniority: it is the recognition of exceptional behavior and commitment that have led to significant results for the entire team, in terms of organization, management, image promotion.

However, it cannot be attributed:

– to those who have not already obtained the Silver Towe
r – to those who are not registered in the year of the eventual application for the award.

It can be assigned to one or more shooters each time and it is not mandatory to assign the Tower every year.


It's carnival Sunday. The big moment has come! It's almost 2 p.m. and it's time to go: from the headquarters of Via 4 Martyrs comes the flag that opens the parade of Chess that start towards Piazza Ottinetti for the first day of battl
e. In the square a chequered sea already fills our part of the "battleground", the painting on the cubes is no longer seen, covered by many amphibians waiting for the moment to enter into ac
tivity. But today is not only the first day of that event that many look forward to with trepidation: on Carnival Sunday the Chess award the prize provided for their older shooters: The Silver Tower. This is the award that the team gives to people who demonstrate their attachment to our beautiful colors by engaging in battle with us for eight years, even non-consecutive.

On the Sunday of the eighth year of shooting, the people who have earned this award are called the square, in the presence of the team and the public who gathered to watch the battle, and are handed, virtually, the coveted Tower argento, among the applause of his companions, and now for years, with the sound of the trumpets and drums of Cuorgnè, soundtrack of the Chess.

The "physical" delivery of the aforementioned then takes place at the closing carnival dinner because not everyone has in the audience someone who secures the precious prize! And then meet again at dinner to get to know each other better, see each other friends, have fun together is really enjoyable.

The Chess care sits with their "elders", an experienced shooter definitely raises the level of the jet of the whole team, and it's so nice to see young guys tying themselves to those same youngsters who are now a little less so but have made chess the largest team , a nice and choreographic whole carnival.


At the end of Carnival 2003 the Grand Council of the Golden Towers of Chess decided to reward those shooters who, with cheerfulness hold up morale and with arms fans tremble!…

The "MATTO SCACCO" was thus established, a special recognition that every year will be given to oranges that demonstrate particular combustibility in the square … where the facts !!! matter

Here are the names of these guys who have distinguished themselves so much ….and so much hurt….